Thursday, December 22, 2011

kay cee the musician?

is he really a musician?or seems that this former duo of kc presh has missed his true vocation.kc whose real name is kingsley used to be a member of the former kc presh group.they won the first star quest and since then their career has been on the rise.
even though this guy and precious(ex member of the kc presh group)are both very short they use lots of blings to cover thirir inadequacies(i think it only makes their dwarfness  visible)
as with most groups who break up ,their reason for breaking was for irreconcileable difference and the urge to move on to the next level
though that he is on the next level is doubbtful kay cee has released a couple of singles and videos and from it can be deduced that he is reall not cut out for music
he should concentrate on some other things like selling blings or something else.his songs all seem shallow he repeats words all the time and mumble some words and use lots of sounds and instumentals to cover his lack of talents(even though most nigerian aryiste seems to be guilty of these crimes)
kudos shoud be given to his director because his videos turn out remarkably well given the circumstances.
reall get a new vocation KINGSLEY OKONKWO

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